Thursday, 28 June 2012

Are you on the right path?

Look straight ahead
And walk that way
Glance not to sides
For who can say
What fear & dread
You will see that way.
Walk straight ahead
Don't veer about
For on the curves
Lies only doubt
And pain and fear
To catch you out.
Live straight ahead
Not side to side
The forces there
Will make you hide
The ones who laugh
Have hurt your pride
Ahead reside
Die straight ahead
And then no more
Walk straight & true
Through heavens door
And at the end tot up your score
Has life been kind to you?
You walked a straight and narrow line
Refused to stray or glance aside
Your footsteps firm, vision fine
A life of righteous pride
Yet as you stand at heavens gate
You glance behind to see
The paths you missed you didn't take
The way it could have been
If only once along the road
You had stepped two steps aside
Forgot about your righteous load
And round that corner spied
The moral of this story
If there is one to tell
Is however scary it may be
Explore the twists as well.
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Anonymous said...

Love this Penny, especially the final line. Kirsten x

feline9 said...

Love it xxxxx