Monday, 25 June 2012

Silly o'clock

So you know what the time is? It's 2.30am, yes that's 2.30 in the morning!
I didn't know there was another 2.30 other than the one when I have had my lunch and am just lying down for a nap.
So why am I sitting here writing this at such an ungodly hour?
It's Molly, the night started off reasonably enough, I went to bed first, Molly came and had her usual tug of war with my cover, a game that we play every night, then she went back down with hubby until he took her out for her last walk/wee and they both came to bed. Molly has a bed on the floor next to my side of the bed and she goes in there quite happily every night as she did tonight.
Twenty minutes later she got up again to have a half hearted bark at something she had heard out the front and that's where our problem began.
Instead of returning to bed she kept walking up and down the hall, hubby got up first and tried to entice her back to bed, aren't men unobservant? Or insensitive maybe as he failed to notice she was clearly very bothered by something.....but what?
I then got up as he had come back to bed and left her pacing the hallway, I spoke to her, gave her a few cat biscuits, I know she shouldn't have them but she loves them and a few now and then won't hurt her.....I hope
Anyway she seemed ok with me but wouldn't follow me back Into the bedroom so I picked her up and put her on the bed and gave her a cuddle.
She was so jumpy, she seemed to be looking at the top of the walls in the bedroom, she moved down the bed to lie next to Bobcat who tolerates her near him now but within seconds she was back up practically on the pillows.
We are going to Norfolk today to see hubby's dad and to drop my parents off at my Aunts who lives nearby, it's a two hour drive each way for hubby so he was quite rightly moaning about Molly trying to sit on his head and me fidgeting so much trying to comfort her so I did what any good wife would do, I got myself out of bed and brought her back to the living room.
Have you ever noticed how much noise you make when you're trying your hardest to be quiet? I dropped the glass I was going to put a drop of water in, the door handle to the living room sounded so loud and it was worse because I purposely turned it slowly trying to be quiet so it seemed to go on for ever.
Molly wouldn't leave my feet and is still laying on them whilst I write this. I know they say dogs can hear and sense things that we humans can't but this fear that has her in its grip tonight is unexplainable.
It is only as I am sitting here writing this, and why am I writing a blog at this time? To amuse myself mainly, anyway it has struck me that I may know what the problem is,
In these summer (said laughingly) months we have the windows open a lot, actually I have them open a lot anyway as I suffer from overheating but that's another blog for another time.
Where was I? Oh yes, well you tend to get a few flying or crawling visitors this time of year don't you?
I can't stand them indoors, I can't sleep if I see anything flying or crawling in the bedroom and there have been a few nights where Trevor has had to come down and remove a moth or a gnat or a spider from the room.
At first he used the nifty little fly swatter thing we have but it frightened the life out of Molly so next time I insisted he just catch it and take it out of the room with a tissue which he did but again Molly ran and was hesitant to come back in the room afterwards.
Now although there was no flying/crawling exterminating done tonight there was a small moth flying around that I actually ignored it was so small but I am wondering now if Molly saw it and that has set off her panic.....
Is she scared of the swatter or does she think the insects are something to be scared of?
Have I got the worlds most cowardly dog?
Is she seeing something I can't see? In which case maybe I should be scared!
Am I rambling now?
Well yes I am only you see it's silly o'clock in the morning and I need my bed, come on Molly, let's try this one more time.
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feline9 said...

Oh gosh just what you needed before a busy day! I hope you managed to get a bit more sleep - Mollie too.

bethan hancox said...

Oh no Penny! I hate nights like these! Hope you've managed to get some rest. Since spending nnearly 24 hours a day with the cats I've really noticed how atune (is that a word) they are to everything. Sometimes you just can't get them to settle and you just can't work out what's unsettling them. Oof! X Beth X