Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Is the Great British spirit dead?

I know all about the British and their 'stiff upper lip' outlook on life, I understand not wanting to 'rock the boat' and I even appreciate the view of 'I'm alright Jack'
But surely, surely now everyone has been pushed or is being pushed too far to just sit back and 'wait and see'
The cost of living has soared and continues to do so, education is becoming a choice open only to the rich and privileged, health services are going the same way, paying for your health care once through your NI contributions just isn't sufficient anymore, already there are adverts on the television encouraging us to take out private health insurance incase you are unfortunate enough to fall ill or have an accident in this country. And don't even get me started on our poor welfare state! You are considered the scum of the earth if you haven't got a job or your sick or disabled.
More council houses are going to be sold off, planning permission is going to be relaxed, with what outcome for our countryside etc?
Your right to legally challenge certain decisions is going to be eroded as you will have to pay up front for an employment tribunal and again if your on benefits it's beginning to look as if you can forget about legal help at all.
Our coastguards are under threat as are our police force and our brave armed services, you have served your country well but we can no longer afford you!
Your choice of where you live may well be taken away as the changes to housing benefits hit home, those that can afford to live in certain areas will be the only ones who will, many others will lose their homes!
Women are being pushed back decades with everything that has been put in place to encourage them to move forward into society being withdrawn, child support, tax credits etc.
Our media can say what they please without fear of being called to account or if someone dares to question their reporting they are able to wriggle out with no consequences. They by and large pick and choose what to tell the public depending on which side of the fence they are currently sitting.
Every day I read more and more terrible things that are being pushed through Parliament either with our knowledge or slyly under the radar and I read what is being said on the social networks and I admire those that are actively fighting what's happening.......
But I also ask myself why are more people not shouting, screaming, fighting, crying out about the unfairness of what is happening, why?
Are you not being affected yet so are unaware? Do you believe someone somewhere will stop it so you don't have to act? Do you think this is the right way, the only way for our country to be great again?
Do you even care?

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ronniemcdiarmid said...

It's being going on for years Penny, all my working life for sure.I think most know no different really, last Tory government sold all our assets (utilities we all collectively owned)nothing to sell this time around. I fear for everyones future
Some really well made points in another well written blog Penny :-) x

Ron Graves said...

"But I also ask myself why are more people not shouting, screaming, fighting, crying out about the unfairness of what is happening, why?"

We are - some of us, anyway - the trouble is we're doing so individually, there is no concerted effort. If bloggers pooled their resources, and reached out to the general public via the press, we could make more of an impact than just, as we mostly are, preaching to the converted.

I've written about this several times, and even though I know that a few bloggers read my blog, there has been almost zero interest in uniting against a common enemy.

And that is terrifyingly short-sighted.