Thursday, 29 September 2011

Personal update.

Ok so I am onto day 5 of the medication change over and the second Morphine patch was duly applied last night. First good thing I have noticed is that it hasn't affected my skin, I am really pleased about this as I can't use normal plasters and have to have special medical dressings etc because my skin reacts to just about anything that touches it these days.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to stop the Tramadol altogether as the withdrawal was just too severe for me to handle but I am pleased I have now reduced them from 8 a day to 3, I'm assuming I'm not as 'high as a kite' because the Morphine dosage is still quite low, although being 'high as a kite' would have been preferable to how I have been feeling.

I don't think I have ever spent so much time in bed as this past week trying to sleep away the pain, sickness, headaches etc but I did get a small amount of enjoyment eating toast etc over Trevor's side of the bed and then moving back to my own crumb free side to sleep. Well, we have to get our enjoyment where we can don't we?

I can report that today I am definitely feeling better than yesterday and am hoping this means things are settling and thankfully the tearful 'self pitying' blog writing Penny of Monday has picked herself up, shaken herself down and with a wicked smile has taken herself back to bed with toast (sorry Trevor)
There have of course been the usual highlights this week like mum and I supporting each other around the town Tuesday as her Lupus is in flare and she's feeling pretty awful herself. Why do we still go when both so obviously not fit?
Because it's the one day that we both get to sit in BHS restaurant and gossip each week, just us chatting and drinking tea and I know how very important this is to her.

I have once again been humbled by how many of my *spoonie* friends have sent kindness, encouragement, hugs and understanding my way this week, the support that is there for others shows how very unselfish they are when they are coping with their own illness/disability and yet are always there with a kind word for a fellow *spoonie* who is suffering.
And so to you my friends, my fantastic family, a special thanks here to my crazy cuz, I do say thank you, you keep me going, your support is amazing and you are all brilliant.

*spoonie* is a term used by sick/disabled particularly on twitter to explain the effects of having long term illness,medical conditions. I can link you to explanation if you wish to know more.

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ronniemcdiarmid said...

Glad to hear that you're starting to feel better Penny, everything sounds so awful, wish there was something I could do to help :-(
Take care my friend :-) x

feline9 said...

Hi fellow 'spoonie' glad to hear things are on the up, hope this continues. Take care, and long may you enjoy the toast!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey cuz wuz-glad you're turning a corner. Thought 'spoonie' was some naughty term. I don't like it, it seems derogatory. Must look up meaning before I spout off. Hang in there junkie. Xxx