Sunday, 9 October 2011

Update number 2

Back to the doctors this week for another look at medication, what works and what doesn't. If you have been following this saga you will know that being unhappy with me taking so many Tramadol it had been suggested I try morphine patches.
I have always been willing to give anything a go if it will help my quality of life but I was also a little concerned about coming off the Tramadol as I had already experienced the awful withdrawal effects.
The patches were the lowest possible dose to start with to see how I responded to them.
Is it just me or are GPs reluctant to discuss things properly with patients now?
Is it my age now?
Or is it that they have decided there really isn't much more they can do for me?
Or are they so over Worked with the numbers of patients they see?
Whatever the reason I distinctly get the impression they no longer spend the time they should talking,explaining or even asking relevant questions.
And so I left the surgery with out clear instructions on how/what/where to use the patches last time and suffered horrible withdrawal yet again and finished up still taking a reduced amount of Tramadol alongside the morphine.
So Thursday back I went, anyway it Has been decided to up the strength of the Morphine, doubled it in fact and so Tramadol is definitely now a no no. GP asked who was going to be with me as there were signs of reaction or overdose to watch out for, he said I could appear very tired or dopey to which Trevor replied he wouldn't notice any difference!

Friday night, more than a little apprehensively I might add the new patch was applied, I had a surprisingly good night once a close friend had assured me I wasn't going to die in the night etc etc.....our head is our worse enemy at times!
Yesterday I woke up and I felt fine, niggling heavy head and still background pain but certainly better than I had expected.
Strangely though I couldn't seem to walk straight or focus properly on things, instead of worrying me though I found the whole thing really funny, Trevor made me go to the Market with him even though he had to leave me in the car he wasn't happy leaving me at home.
As the day wore on my head cleared but things just got more and more funny, I found myself laughing away to myself or out loud at the silliest things, I was as high as a kite. I had a long pointless conversation with two of my daughters with much laughter and a very funny conversation with a friend late last night that had both of us in fits.
I knew it was the effects of the morphine but after the awful few months of trying to find something to control the pain it was a little light relief.
The down side to all the frivolity of course was bed time, sleep? Not a hope, I was far to wound up and spent the night pottering around, going to bed, getting up again and so on and on.....
I did eventually get to sleep somewhere around 5ish much to the delight of my long suffering husband.
Today has been calmer, still reasonably pain free and although very tired I am hopeful that we may have struck on something that may suit me at last so keep your fingers crossed for me.

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feline9 said...

I know what you mean about the doctors Penny, when you ask questions there is almost a kind of 'don't you worry your little head about it' attitude. I hope that once you settle with the new meds you fins it does a good job for you xx

deb aka murphthesurf said...

Hoping that this new pain med does the trick for you. It can be such a challenge to find things that work and that we can stay on long term.

Ron Graves said...

Not an unusual reaction to morphine, users are frequently high, q.v. a couple of people on Twitter who take Oramorph.

I had a similar effect when I first started DHC, though it passed off quickly, but a friend never did get past that stage. It depends as much on the individual as on the drug, I suspect.

I think some doctors are reluctant to go into detail lest they suddenly find the patient knows more than them. And that would never do!