Monday, 11 July 2011

Waiting in (poem)

A light hearted poem for you today, I wrote this after sitting in all day waiting for a man to call and service our gas boiler. It has happened to us all I'm sure....

We waited in
we said we would
we sat and waited as we should
we twiddled our fingers and played eye spy
we sat and watched the time tick by
Hour upon boring hour passed and then a knock
We sighed, at last
we flung the door open wide
hoping to see you there outside
it was not you who came to call
for on the mat inside the hall
A card to say I called today got no answer so went away
we know your game
we've worked you out
you creep to the door when no one's about
and with a smile upon your face
you post your card and off you race!

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tinysuz said...

Yes that has happened to us all and it's such a frustrating waste of time. Love the poem!

John Griffin said...

You showed me this poem once before and I still like it a lot. At least your people left a card. DHL came last week while I was out, did NOT leave a card and I spent half the next day on the phone trying to track my parcel. You have to have a tracking number (which is on the card they put through door) but as I explained, to 3 different people, I didn't have the f)*#\^g (flaming) tracking number.
Oh dear. I think I'd better put this on my blog, not yours Penny. Sorry.
Love the poem. Hugs, John. xx