Friday, 8 July 2011

Benefits, how dare you?

I wasn't ready to write another blog yet,really didn't intend to do one today, have had a rough start to the day that then brightened up with my kids and grandkids coming round for the afternoon so wasn't feeling too bad, once they had all gone I did what I always do, checked twitter and Facebook ( cos I'm nosy) and came a across the article in the Sun newspaper The-Sun-declares-war-on-Britains-benefits-culture. This nasty little article is encouraging people to 'tell' on their neighbours etc if they suspect they may be claiming benefits falsely, ok, I can see huge problems and plenty of ways this will be abused but we have had this kind of encouragement to 'spy on your friends,neighbours' before so it makes me mad but I'm not surprised by it. But here is the latest, apparently there's going to be a team of people who can come into a benefit claimants home and 'see' what they have, what they may be spending their money on and if it goes beyond the squalor that benefits should provide. Have they got a flat screen television? Games console? iPhone or Blackberry? Or, God forbid, an iPad? Presumably you will then be asked how you can afford such luxuries, the Sun even goes so far to suggest these are luxuries that many working people can't afford to own and they are out there 24/7 working their fingers to the bone to keep people like me in my luxurious lifestyle! Horror!
Yes me friends, ME, I have a flat screen television, I have an iPhone and an iPad, hubby has a games console, oh dear so obviously I am ' cheating' the system, right? WRONG....Firstly I worked for 25 years and paid in for just such a time when I would need support, secondly I am a genuine claimant ( yes strange but true, the majority of claimants are genuine) also much of this stuff we already had before I got too disabled to work and before my husband had no choice but to become my carer and live on the £50 per week carers allowance he gets ( shock, horror, £50 for staying at home all day running around after me) oh you might want to take note that he also still goes to golf once a month on BENEFITS.
On YOUR money you workers, yes your hard earned cash.....NO not your money, my money, mine and my husbands money, our money we worked for, our money we paid in, our money we earned.
I can hear you now....oh we didn't mean you, we know your a genuine case, we are all for supporting you, you are deserving! RUBBISH, you attack the disabled, the sick, the unemployed and you attack me, who is distinguishing between the deserving and the not deserving? You? Me? MPs?
Well I hope the MPs are going to play fair and allow the public into their homes to see what OUR money is being spent on, moats? New kitchens? Second homes?
Fair society? All in this together? How dare you.....

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Anonymous said...

Many in this government would be more at home in the Wehrmacht than modern Britain. Isn't being disabled and the loss of independence humiliation enough? Do they really need to root through our belongings to check we are spending within the means of our benefits?

Thank you for writing this, it needed saying.

JustASpur said...

Well said Pen and I bet it felt good to get that off your chest. xxx

tinysuz said...

That's it Penny, you sock it to them always good to have a rant especially when it is totally justified.

Anonymous said...

Fired up then cuz! Who gives a **##! what the Sun says. If people are stupid enough to agree, they're not the sort of people you should bother about. Don't waste your precious time getting angry and defensive; enjoy your gadgets without guilt. Xxx