Friday, 10 June 2011

Twitter is....

Is twitter a what or a who?
Let's look first at the who is twitter? I have been on twitter now for 2 years and have come to the conclusion that it is made up of 'groups' of people. There are givers- these people are watchers and listeners and are the ones who will offer an ear, a Kind word, guidance or hugs to those that need it.
Then there are takers, this group covers the drama queens (and kings) who I regularly shake my head at thinking 'why is your life so dramatic' normal things become a huge drama to these people.
Attention seekers- look at me I'm doing/have done/can do.
Sad and needy people whose lives are stuck or going through a bad patch who need to share those times/emotions.
Information givers/teachers- keep us informed, answer our questions, more technically minded than your average tweeter.
Court jesters- the witty, funny, comical among us whose main aim on twitter is to make us laugh.
The searcher- people who are looking for something be that friends, fame or even love.
Sellers- self explanatory although this group can sometimes come in disguise!
The spoiler/mischief maker- joins twitter with the sole purpose of annoying, upsetting and angering people, stirs things up when they see an opportunity and then sits back to watch the devastation.
Of course none of us are necessarily in just one group, we could relate to several or may indeed move from group to group.
Now how about the what is twitter?
It's a picture that has many colours, many facets and ever changing. It's a meeting place, a notice board, a newspaper, a place to hide and a place to be seen. It's not a physical thing but it is real life. What happens there touches many, it can achieve great things, make and break relationships, form friendships that will reach beyond it's boundaries and last forever. It can bring joy and heartbreak, be easy reading or a thriller or a mystery. It can make you laugh and cry, shake your head in wonder or shake your head in disbelief. It's a snapshot of life or an on going saga. All these things and more are twitter, the good, the bad and the indifferent.

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Anonymous said...

Só true Penny think i might be in a couple of them groups ;-) well written as normal xx

Eve Bacon

miss b said...

Very concerned about which of your twitter groups i fit into