Friday, 3 January 2014

Letter to DWP

So today I read that you have started a new war on me and others like me in 6 pilot areas, it's not a new campaign as such, in fact nearly every year you have rolled out the same 'tell on your neighbours, friends and family' farce much to the delight of every person who has a grudge against someone unlucky enough to be reliant on social services.
I do believe you have taken a further step towards the dark side this time with your deliberate targeting of sick/disabled.
'Does the person walk to a car?'
'Have you seen this person hanging out washing?'
'Does your neighbour go to the shops?'
'Did your friend get out of bed this morning?'
Sound silly? 
Of course it does but these are the kind of questions you are encouraging our neighbours friends and family to ask.
And why? 
Because 0.3% of us claiming for disability are not entitled to it? Your figures not mine!
Do we bother you that much? 
Does seeing me potter about on the arm of my husband or being pushed by him in my wheelchair offend you that much?
Does the fact that I am claiming social security to enable me to eat, heat my home and have some semblance of a life offend your sensibilities?
Is this country really not big enough in resources and humanity to allow us both to live in relative safety? 
I could of course start quoting figures for tax avoidance or MPs expenses scandals but I am not a believer in an eye for an eye, more a believer in live and let live.
You however are obviously not, you begrudge sick/disabled the pittance they are paid by social security, you begrudge us enough for heating or eating properly.......
Be honest here now you actually begrudge us LIFE don't you?
But here is the long term forecast for sick/disabled/unemployed/low paid and all the other groups you are and have targeted....
We are banding together against you
We are learning and teaching others what rights we have against you and using them
We are supporting each other to get through this
And get through it we will.
One day in the not too distant future you are going to be answerable for the crimes you have committed against humanity, for the war you continue to wage on the very people you should be supporting.
One day the rest of the population will wake up to the reality of what you are doing and they will no longer buy your lies, exaggerations, blatant demeaning of vulnerable people, when that day comes I hope you have an answer other than 'I was told to do it' because that is just not good enough.
Maybe the day will come when you yourself will be out of a job, injured or sick and you will find yourself on the receiving end of the treatment you have been dishing out.......
Would I turn away if you were to call to me for help?
No I wouldn't because my heart and my conscience wouldn't allow me too and that is what makes us so very different, I am still proud to call myself a human being.


paul said...

as always true and full of feelings i think you speak for all good people out there and there are alot of us xx

Jane said...

Wish I could feel more upbeat about the sentiment that at some point people will 'wakeup and smell the coffee'. Sadly I don't think they will, certainly not fast enough to stop the enormous upheaval that has been reaped on a system that worked fine.

The reforms are in place and there isn't a political party who will openly defy and reverse the legislation. Labour, hang your heads on shame.

It is grossly unfair, cruel, inhumane what this Govt is doing to those of us who are finding it tough enough to get through each day. Genuinely in need, there are people who don't stand a chance of getting even the most basic help. They may have a condition that has worsened to the point that they are ill-health retired leaving them unable to work yet the government says they are fit to work.
who's right?