Sunday, 26 May 2013

Now I've gone and lost the bucket!

So here is part 2, there shouldn't have been a need for part 2 if it had all gone according to plan but when does life ever go according to plan?
After all the hints, moans and groans and laughter concerning the tasks that had been left unfinished in the house when the love affair with his shed and greenhouse took over hubby set to putting things right this weekend.

Job 1) put the beading round the edges of the hall floor, started off fine, had meant to borrow brothers nail gun but after leaving it here for him to use for the past two weeks his brother had reclaimed it only a few days ago so Trevor set to work with hammer and nails. 
Did a third of the hall and then came to a grinding halt as he complained it was too hard in the tight places to use a hammer, apparently his fingers got in the way more than once. 
I can substantiate that as I heard the yells several times!

Job 2) board the ceiling in the kitchen ✔
Ignoring the language that was coming out of the kitchen I sat and waited for this task to be completed before going out and praising his work.
I was using all my tricks to keep him going I.e ' you're so clever, it looks so much better' etc etc
And it seemed to be working, he wasn't looking longingly up towards his greenhouse half as much as he got stuck in to the kitchen.

Job 3) put in the plinths (getting knowledgable aren't I?) under the kitchen units ✔
And so a workbench, a circular saw, a mitre saw ( showing off now) and several other items were set out in the garden.....great, plug it in....erm the extensions too short, move it all closer to the shed, success.
This wasn't too arduous a task even though the clips snapped and he had to be a little creative to get some of them to stay in place but the funny moment to share is this....
Me..... Are those your slippers under that unit?
Me....don't forget to take them out before you put the plinth on
You don't need two guesses to work out where the slippers were when the kitchen was finished do you?

Job 4) hang the kitchen door.....ALL STOP!!!!
Can't be done without planing the door down to size, where's the planer?
 Trevor doesn't have one but his brother does, 
have to borrow brothers planer, 
can't insist brother rushes straight over to lend us his planer can we? 
That would be just rude so all work has to be halted through lack of the right tools to do the job!

So state of play at the end of Sunday? Half the hall beading done, kitchen ceiling boarded but not plastered yet, plinths on with slippers retrieved from behind one of them, kitchen cupboard door handle on.......
Several more glass panes put in place in the beloved greenhouse, shed sorted out.....hubby happy.

It's bank holiday Monday, daughter and grandson been here all morning, grandson enjoyed sitting in grandads shed with grandad and admired his nearly finished greenhouse, well as much as a two and a half year old can enjoy such things.
Trevor called his brother again to remind him he needed to borrow some tools to complete the jobs indoors.....
Hang about a bit, at 2.30 I had the gumption to ask why Trevor couldn't go and pick the tools up instead of waiting for his obviously busy brother to bring them round?
'Ah well you see he is going to help me put in the final panes of glass In my greenhouse, kill two birds with one stone' proclaimed Trevor very pleased with himself.
Now I get it, the jobs indoors will be done but the greenhouse that is oh so close to his heart needs a helping hand too! Count to 10 Penny 1...2...3...4
Nope 10s not going to be anywhere near enough!

It's five o'clock and Trevor plus his brothers tools are here ready to hang the kitchen door....
Yes he did go and get them when my smile began to look a little strained.
The electric planer is set up and we're off
Three times 
At this rate Molly we won't have to open the door for you, you will be able to crawl under it!
What is it about a man when he gets his hands on a power tool? Does it make him feel more manly? 
Is it the power thing? 
Can I have a go?.....ok ok, I was joking, I know I am but a mere woman.
Do you think I could kid him the Hoover is a power tool? Didn't think so.....
The door has been in the hole so many times now Molly is looking confused, is there going to be a door there or not?
It fits, now hinges.....he has found one hinge
The air in the shed is turning slightly blue as the second hinge evades capture, apparently if he had sorted his shed out first and put things away tidily he would be able to just place his hands on the things he needed but I, yes me, insisted the house get done before the shoot me!

I am still counting from earlier, I am up to 3654 so far and counting.....

Hinges found, fixed in place,moved and refixed, door hung......door handles?
OMG, please please let him find these easily, for now we are going to use the ones he took off the old door, why did he take them off? 
Well you see his precious glass for his greenhouse was leaning against the door whilst he lovingly cleaned each pane and the handles may have scratched them!
Back to the shed, yes there's the first one, can I breathe now? 
Wouldn't you just know it, second one is nowhere to be found.
He remembers seeing it kicking around in the garden, when exactly and where it may be now is a complete mystery and we have both had enough, it's getting dark and we still have to clean up the mess so the door remains with one handle for now and the promise of a nice new shiny 'pair' of handles in the next few days. 

The hammer drill is here ready to finish the beading in the hall and the couple of other outstanding jobs in the house can wait now for another weekend as my dear husband has a need to retreat to his shed for now to recuperate and get on with more Important things like finishing painting the shed. 
It's a man thing and we woman are not supposed to understand. 


Jane said...

LOL, you have made me giggle reading this one!! I know the feeling, Eric was putting together a mini wooden greenhouse we bought. Couldn't find his extension lead. Found that and then realised he'd lost the drill he brought down from upstairs. And so it went on...

It's definitely a man thing, and our job is to sit quietly, make helpful comments such as 'I saw you take the drill that way', 'looking really good' (even though I could only see the top corner) etc.

Oh and why is everything always harder once they make a start? Did they not consider these things before? Too easy I suppose ;-)

TONY LETTS said...

I don't do man things :)