Wednesday, 5 December 2012

From anger to despair

I did not watch the Autumn budget speech today, I knew it would make me mad, upset me and infuriate me. I did however keep up with it via twitter and the tweets were fast and furious and as expected it wasn't good.
It especially wasn't good for unemployed/sick/disabled people as once again they were vilified by this Government and made to pay again for the economic crisis that was in no way caused by them.
I am a firm supporter of the sick/disabled and am quick to voice my concerns and horror at what has happened and continues to happen to us.
I am followed by a variety of people on twitter, some to do with the disability, some to do with my profession as a psychologist and then more to do with just who I am, after all my disability isn't me, it's only a part of who I am and I have many other aspects to me, well I certainly hope I do!
So I don't only have supporters following me, I have people who don't agree with my stance on benefits or the government and that has never been a problem as we may well have other things in common.
That is.....until today.
Today my views cost me a follower, not a problem, I am not one of those that highlights how many followers I have gained/lost as it really does not matter to me too much as long as I don't lose those I consider to be friends, they are the reason I come on twitter most days, however I don't appreciate abuse and the way in which this follower left was abusive so yes I was initially angry.

That anger was short lived as I trotted off to chat to friends and do other things.
A couple of hours later I checked out another social site I follow and read something that make me stop and think, it brought me to tears.....
Here there is a young family with young children that I talk to, the husband/father is disabled and in chronic pain every second of every day. He has continued to work as long as he possibly can, a week ago he was told for the sake of his physical and emotional health he could no longer work in the way he had been.
ESA/benefits should be there to help this family shouldn't it?
Would you all agree they are deserving of help?
Those of you that believe there are deserving and undeserving benefit recipients wouldn't begrudge this family help would you?
After today's budget the father/husband was in despair, he told his wife they couldn't continue with the lack of support (financial)
I understand his concerns but what really struck my heart like a hammer was his wife's reply, she said
'I am looking for a weekend job (she already works, this would be a second job)
I have already taken back the Christmas presents we now can't afford, I only eat one meal a day to save food and money'
This is a young mother with two young children......
I will say no more about this as I respect their privacy, I do have their kind permission to tell you about this and for that I thank them for their bravery.

This blog really wrote itself today because I needed to get these feelings out there!
Are you proud to be British?

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Trish Bullock said...

Very well put Penny, it's always the people least able to afford it that lose out!

Jane said...

I usually watch the Budget, but couldn't bring myself to this time. Nothing in it surprised me and let again the same people are being targeted. Although the net is now catching other benefits such as working tax credicts. Will this create more uproar than cuts just for 'scrounges' I wonder? Interesting to see...

As for the family you mention I find it saddening that young families are struggling in this way. The safety net that should exist in any caring society seems to have large holes in it at best or has been removed altogether. Who are we meant to turn to when, through no fault of our own, we fall on hard times?
Scary times we are living in......

onethoughtfulwoman said...

In answer to your final question. No, I am not proud to be British anymore. I just feel like you the anger goes to despair. What will happen to this family? I did 5 hrs work the other day for the little chap I look after with severe learning needs as you know. I was paid after my £6.08 tax reduction of £27.25. And that's working for a living. The wages of this country for the many is a pittance. The benefits for those who need it is even less. No wonder, the young mum needs a second job, or may be a third. When will this ever end?

lantana21 said...

I also couldn't watch the budget but caught up with it. You have put it well Penny a yes I feel very angry too. No one cares in gov. There are many more families like that too