Friday, 24 August 2012

A political dream.

I am not at all political as you will see from the following, but I was thinking what would I do if I won the lottery?
This is my dream world....
I would love to win sufficient to be able to fund my own political party, it would be a party of the people for the people and here is how it would work.....
Firstly all MPs would have a liveable wage, sufficient to incorporate their housing costs, meals, journeys, and they're working week. There would be no expenses claims, no extras, therefore no scams and no extra charges to the taxpayer.
They would work a proper working week and therefore would be expected to be present at most sittings of Parliament.
They would be employed by the people and chosen from people with the appropriate background and experience in the department in which they would be working.
This would be the case with every single person working within the department, although there would be different levels within the department they would all have an interest, experience, and knowledge of the subject the department covered.
and just as in any business if the employee did not meet the standards required they would be dismissed.
Head of department would be those that had reached the most knowledge and experience in that particular field, not as is the case now those with the most money or influence.
This I believe would give everybody equal opportunity to have a say in the direction our country took, doctors could work within the health department, teachers in the education department, disabled people and those concerned with employment etc in the welfare department etc etc
The ministers in charge of each of these departments would therefore be those with the most knowledge, the most experience, the best people to be leading these departments.
And the Prime Minister?
He/she would obviously have to be a people person, the glue to hold the departments together.
A listener, A thinker, strong enough to make difficult decisions but human enough to make those decisions with empathy.
Someone whose overall consideration would be the people in this country, each and every person in this country, you and you and yes even you!......
Before you start jumping all over me and pointing out the flaws in my political party please remember I have already stated my lack of political knowledge, this is a dream and I am allowed to dream aren't I?
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Miss Benefit said...

I would like to sign up as minister for ATOS please.

If not that then minister of scalawags

Penny Mead said...

You would be just perfect for either. X

Anonymous said...

Great piece Pen. And so simple it makes you wonder why none of the world leaders have been able to grasp this concept! ;o) xxx

Ian B said...

It's important to dream - and to hope that one day dreams will come true. Even a small step in the direction of common-sense would help