Thursday, 1 March 2012

Death of the welfare state

so that is it, the welfare state as we know it is no more, goodbye welfare state, you served us well for many years before you were knocked down brick by brick by those whose greed knows no bounds.
It strikes me as rather ironic that this has been done by those who do not and possibly never will have need of its services although I know some have used it as was their right, not however because they didn't have sufficient themselves, not because without its safety net they would have been destitute but because as has always been the way of this once great country it was their right to do so.
We have moved through the years feeling content in the knowledge that if we became unemployed, sick or disabled we wouldn't starve, we wouldn't become homeless, we wouldn't have to beg for our very survival.
The safety net started to get holes in it recently as it was hacked away at with the lies and deceit being levelled at it by those shadowy figures that despised those that had need of its security. People started to fall through those holes as large greedy companies started looking at those needing it with suspicion and loathing in place of the compassion and understanding that had previously been its aim.
The suspicion and loathing was fuelled by those in power who fed on the fear of the public that they were being conned by cheats and scroungers. The truth sunk without trace as the media took up the hype and led with damning stories that had the self righteous masses gasping at the 0.5% fraud rate!
Truth was trampled underfoot, reports were buried, those shouting for the rights of the affected were discredited and the cries of the suffering went unheard and unanswered.
And finally yesterday the wealthy, the greedy, the liars and the bullies got their wish and the welfare state we had all been rightly proud of was laid to rest.

Death of the welfare state 29.02.12 RIP

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feline9 said...

So bloody depressing

ronniemcdiarmid said...

It is so depressing what is going on Penny :-(
You write so well, I hope your words are not falling on painted on ears and eyes
Well said my friend x

Charles Wheeler said...

Welfare state became a victim of its own success - memories fade of life before the NHS and decent benefits for those who suffer misfortune.

The Tories couldn't have done this without the tacit support of sections of the population that lap up the misinformation peddled by the Mail and the Sun - many of whom will suffer for their unthinking allegiance with the billionaires that saturate the media with their myth-making.

There seems to be a human compulsion to belittle and denigrate others which feeds on this propaganda.

But Mail and Sun readers will soon wish they had been more careful what they wished for.