Sunday, 26 February 2012

I wish

I wish
I wish I had a skateboard
How much fun would that be?
I would whizz around the universe
Fast and smooth and free.
I wish I had a scooter
To scoot along the ground
Going as fast as my feet would take me
Racing the speed of sound.
I wish I had a space hopper
To bounce up to the sky
I would reach the shiniest star
If I could bounce that high.
I wish I had a tractor
To plough those lovely fields
I would eat the fruits of my labour
And share the best it yields.
I wish I had a pony
I would sit up on its back
Feel cool wind in my hair
And follow my own track.
I wish I had a big red bus
Filled with all my friends
We would laugh and joke together
The fun would never end
But alas these legs are useless
And this body won't behave
I no longer taste the freedom
Have become this conditions slave.
My independence is now limited
You can see just what I mean
But no matter what else I lose
I will never lose my dream.
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feline9 said...

Marvelous!!! I love it, you are one clever lady xxxx

ronniemcdiarmid said...

Lovely poem Penny :-)
You are one really talented lady x