Monday, 9 January 2012

Blog award

I was honoured and very touched to be awarded the Liebster BLog Award this week by Jackie- whose blog Thinking out loud is one of the blogs I read on a regular basis. I was also somewhat surprised as my blog is just me talking about my own life and things that affect me either directly or indirectly and although I appreciate anyone who reads it and leaves me a comment I don't expect to draw in a large audience as mostly it is quite personal to me. It is always nice to be appreciated and Jackie is a lovely person whom I have connected with on several levels, our blogs and our lives showing us we have things in common. I am sure Jackie won't mind me borrowing her words to explain to you what the Liebster Blog Award is all about as she explains it very clearly and these are her words that follow. 'The purpose of the Liebster Blog Award is to spread the love from one small blog ( those with under 200 followers ) to other small blogs . This helps to spread awareness and readership. Liebster ,in German, means 'dearest' and so, in keeping with the Liebster Award tradition I am going to pass on this award to 5 blogs that I enjoy. To accept the award you must, 1) Link back to the person who gave it and thank them for thinking of you. 2) Post the award to your blog. 3) Give the award to 5 bloggers ( with less than 200 followers ) that you appreciate and value. 4) Leave a comment on the blogs of the five people you have chosen, to let them know.' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And so to pass this kindness on I am giving the award to the following 5 blogs- Col's I have picked this one because Colin is a new blogger just starting out on the blogging journey, he writes interesting, informative and humorous blogs about his thoughts and his life, well worth reading. Girlies An account of life's trials and tribulations of one woman and her struggle to get her and her partner back to her beloved Australia. An interesting read of real life. Humanity before A well written, sensitive blog that questions what is happening in today's society, thoughtfully written with sensitivity and always from the heart. Poems and their Poetry with a heart, tender, sensitive, sometimes tragic, always questioning. This young lady writes from the heart, she writes beautiful words that she herself doesn't always recognise. Scotty's A lighter look at life from a talented artist, humorous, thought provoking, fun. What more do I need to say? There are many many other worthwhile blogs out there and many that I follow,read and enjoy so choosing just 5 was extremely difficult. I have chosen the ones that I hope will appeal to many of my readers. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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