Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A new year? For whose benefit?

A new year? For whose benefit?
So 2011 goes out with a whimper and it's head held low in shame and we welcome 2012, but what are we welcoming? Hope? Justice? Fair play?
Or are we destined for more doom and gloom?
And if we are, what will be the outcome? What am I likely to be writing this time next year? Am I likely to be writing at all this time next year?

So many questions, so few answers. I have looked for answers, tried to understand, weighed up both sides of each argument but I had to admit defeat a few months ago, I could find no sense, no reason for the things I was reading, hearing on an almost daily basis.
It almost dragged me down too far, it was in my head from waking until troubled sleep overtook my thoughts at night, I couldn't go on like it and so I made a conscious decision not to read anymore reports, not to listen to anymore stories and not to enter into any more debates.
But I couldn't stop my eyes from seeing what was happening every day I came on to twitter or my ears from hearing every time the news came on or friends and family talked about negative changes that were happening to their lifestyles.

I am not political, I don't understand the economy, I have no idea with regard to the workings of the government.
However I was of the opinion they were elected by the people to work in the best interests of the people.
I have watched EVERY decision this government have made questioned, ridiculed, proven to be wrong.
I have watched politicians tell lies, repeat those lies even when caught out, stir up unrest against vulnerable groups, line their own pockets and completely ignore the wishes and demands of the very people they profess to serve.
They are not listening, they are refusing to see the things they are being shown, they are pushing on regardless AGAINST the wishes of the majority.
And again and again I ask myself how can this happen? How can we not get heard? How can our evidence get ignored? How can they destroy our education system, our welfare state, our NHS, our housing market when so many are saying NO.

And where are the voices of reason?
Where are the people who are going to stand up against the wrong doings?
Where are the shouts of the other parties against the injustice?
I just pray that they are there somewhere, gaining strength ready for battle, gaining evidence against the bullies, ready to jump into action in defence of the ordinary person, the vulnerable person and the unjust system that is being forced upon us.

Let me make this very personal for a moment.
I am a fully qualified, experienced Dr of Psychology who has worked for many many years helping others overcome injustice and emotional trauma,
I am also suffering a chronic degenerative medical condition that made work impossible for me 2 years ago.
I claimed ESA in my own right as I was entitled to do so. Next year I will lose that benefit as this government has put a one year limit on it.
My husband has been a builder for 40 years, he is experienced in all aspects of building, for the last 2 years before he became my carer he could find no building work.
Now he can't even look for work because who else would care for me for £53 per week?
My daughter is a highly qualified youth worker, she works with young people expelled from school, youngsters with family problems, youngsters who have mixed with the wrong sort, youngsters involved in crime etc etc, she is very successful and has turned around many young lives but next March Connexions is being cut back and she is being made redundant.
My son in law was only able to get a part time job after being out of work for several years with depression,
he likes his job and has made the effort to get back out there but next year he may be forced to do unpaid volunteering work and give up his part time job or lose the benefits his family get.
My elderly parents are worried about eating/heating this winter.

No I am not political but I am a human being who is being badly affected by the stress and injustice and bullying that has run through this sad sorry year in this country, am I looking forward to welcoming a new year?
Not if we have more of the same to come, give me some hope someone, anyone?

Explain it to me, I am willing to listen to reason, please explain to me what this year has been about, what the future holds for me and mine and all the others out there that are asking why?

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Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me is Cameron's latest pontification on how we should get back to 'Christian moral values'. Since when did 'Christian moral values' include punishing the disabled, poor and unemployed?

ronniemcdiarmid said...

Well said Penny x

abcsofra said...

I live in the US and have been following your blog. My heart just breaks for you. We have been experiencing a roller coaster ride with politics as well and I am personally fed up with it all! We can only hope and do what we can to change the things that are happening to us and against us and hope that it works. You will be in my prayers and in my thoughts as this new year unfolds. May better times be ahead for all of us.

David Forman said...


Your experiences are a bad indictment on society. The answer is not the Big Society or other firms of charity. The only solution is for working people to have economic control, where they call the shots on what services are provided.

Big-business that screws the sub-contractors and workers must be brought into public ownership. All previous attemots to tame capitalism have provided only temporary respite from the attacks on working people.

As a first step, I would suggest as many people as possible sign up to The Peoples Charter. This is not Socialism, but it is a step in the right direction.

Your story, Penny, is one amongst many of the Establishment screwing the workers, especiallly when illness strikes. We must loook for silytiobs to our problems and gi after them with a vengeance.

Keep your chin up and keep fighting.

feline9 said...

Penny see my blog on Thinking Out Loud, I have awarded you the Lieberman Blog Award xxxx

feline9 said...

Ooops Liebster!!!!