Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The demolition of welfare

The demolition of welfare

You will all know by now that I am actively against the reforms/cuts to the sick/disabled and I shall go on reporting on and fighting against these as long as it takes but today I heard of another 'reform' that is going to affect my family and makes no sense to me at all.

My son in law K worked for many many years in the same job until he had a breakdown a few years ago, he still suffers with depression and anxiety but has started to pull himself out of the black hole with the love and support of his family.
My daughter and he have a young son and L (daughter) works nights in a private hospital.
Originally K was on sickness benefit but that was then changed to JSA as the DWP believed he was capable of doing 'some work'

K was lucky enough to find work with a shoe repairer/key cutter in our local shopping centre but as this business was a 'one man band' as it were he was only able to secure limited hours each week and so works part time.

He was no longer entitled to JSA but still has to sign on fortnightly to get his NI stamp paid and because as a family they were able to get tax credits.

Well thanks to this government picking on entirely the wrong people, not thinking these schemes through before implementing them and doing all they can to make ANY benefit claimants appear as lazy feckless scroungers he has now been told he must be available from March to 'work in the community'

This could involve cleaning the streets, cleaning graffiti off walls etc, could be anywhere at any time on very short notice.
And their reasoning? He is not in full time work!
If he refuses then the little help the family gets will be stopped.
Length of time this will go on for? Until he gets a full time job!

Please someone explain this to me, he has to give up his part time job to make himself available to go out and work in the community, he still won't be entitled to JSA himself as the families financial situation won't have changed.
He can not carry on with the part time job he enjoys because he has to be available to go out in the community.
I am sure that if DWP force K to do this they will undo all the progress that has been made and his anxiety will again reach such levels that he will be unable to work at all.
Common sense is not prevailing in this government, they are once again picking on the WRONG people purely because they can and this is what bullies do!

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