Friday, 2 September 2011

What is a blogger?

Hang on a minute while I just stamp ownership of my chair over my rather determined cat and I will start to explain why I am asking this question.
Ok, I won for now and am in my rightful place although I know that won't be the last time today I have to remind the cat that I am top 'dog?' here!

So, if I were to ask you who or what was a blogger what would your answer be and why?
You all know I am a bit of a twitter addict, often to be found on twitter talking with friends, retweeting interesting articles, finding blogs that interest me, discussing or debating issues of the day and generally just being me.
Although the 140 characters of Twitter make perfect sense and keep conversations moving along sometimes it isn't sufficient to explain what it is you're trying to get across, hence my introduction to blogging.
Also after more than two years on twitter I have made some fantastic friends, I felt it only right to be able to let those friends know me a little bit more than I can say in 140 characters at a time, hence blogging for me was born.
I had no idea what I was going to write about or indeed how that writing would be received by others, at the time I can't say I was particularly bothered as it was aimed mostly at those I consider to be my friends.
Those of you that read my blogs will know I am also using it to write about and highlight the issues surrounding disabilities and the benefit reforms being carried out by this Government and although I don't consider myself to be an activist I have and will continue to comment on the injustice these changes are creating in society and will continue to stand along side others that are fighting the way these reforms are being carried out.

As well as writing my own blog I have read many other blogs, they are quite diverse in content and in what the authors use them for, some are giving information, some are telling stories, others are used to plot a persons life, but they all are very personal to the person behind the words.
I have come across blogs that make me laugh or cry, some make me angry, others give me food for thought. They all give me something and I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading them.

On a less serious note I use the blog to ramble, I like nothing more than a 'I have no idea where this is going ramble' and surprise myself at times with the finished article, as in, where on earth did that come from? Lol
It is strangely satisfying to sit down (when the cat let's me) prattle on for a bit and discover I have actually written something passably readable.

I was surprised to find myself being described as a writer/blogger by a couple of followers on Twitter and smiled to myself as I wondered if they had me mixed up with someone else, ah well who cares, let's make the most of the glory before they realise I'm certainly not a writer.....hang on though, what is a writer? Someone who dabbles in words, reaches out to others with what they are writing, writes for pleasure, their own and hopefully others......ok maybe I could deserve that title then. Lol.

And my original question, what is a blogger?
I think a blogger is a writer who wants to write short, newsy, interesting (to themselves and others) articles. A blogger wants to share their thoughts and ideas with friends and possibly a larger audience.
Blogging gives us a platform for our thoughts and ideas...........
So I guess I am a blogger.

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ronniemcdiarmid said...

Yes you certainly are a blogger, and a very good one at that Penny :-) x

onethoughtfulwoman said...

I love the idea of the blogger being akin to a rambler. I like that analogy very much. Once, all my work is done in training, I shall return to blogging. I love writing and yes, who and what is a writer anyway? I think you write frank and honest blogs. Clear with structure a message and very interesting. So when I see you have posted something, there is a pull to take a look. That to me says a success of writing and the writer involved.

feline9 said...

But that's what it is all about isn't it? Whatever you want it to be. I really enjoy reading your blogs, you never know what you might find!!

deb aka murphthesurf said...

I am so glad there is the blogging world. Not that I can't appreciate the twitter world and what it has done for everyone but blogging to me is kinda like having our own virtual venue...kinda like a magazine or newspaper but virtual. And even better, we only have our own self imposed deadlines. Can't beat that :-)