Saturday, 6 August 2011

There were no photographs.

I am not going to explain this poem, mostly because I really can't, all I will say is there were never any photographs around of me that I can remember as I was growing up.
When my nan died many years ago I took my parents to help sort through her belongings and this photo of me was the one thing I brought away with me.
Looking at it some years later I was moved to write the poem and would like to now share both picture and poem with you.

Just a child, a little girl,
A lonely little girl,
dressed quite neatly
always supervised, never alone
but still very much alone.
Playing in the park, at the beach
a happy child? a real smile?
Where did she go?
when did she change?
and what changed her?
A secretive child this little girl
buried her secrets on that beach
buried her memories with them
look at her face staring out from the past
arms folded, defensive, safe from what?
what did she fear? what were her needs?
Do needs grow with you?
show her comfort and care
smile at her picture, smile for her
just a child, a little girl.

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onethoughtfulwoman said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Penny. Photographs of chilhood and it's memories can be happy,sad,fun but also stir deep emotions within us. It is a beautiful poem and the photo speaks many words also
I know I have looked at my own childhood photos and have been moved by them. I see the person then and the person now. Like me, you should be proud, particulary if there was pain and sensitivity in your life in childhood. I am pleased I grew up to be the person I am now. You should be very pleased too.

Ron Graves said...

Hi Penny,

I've no pics of my childhood either, though as I was a fairly weak, sickly, and unprepossessing kid I'm not too disappointed.

On the subject or poetry, I've some disability-related stuff here

Not great, but it makes its point . . .


Penny said...

Thank you Ron, have read and commented on yours, they are well worth a read. Xx

Tony Letts said...


Anonymous said...

There is a sad little girl there :-( I feel! A meaningful poem though!


tinysuz said...

A beautiful poignant poem and a lovely photo too

deb aka murphthesurf said...

Thank you for sharing. It is a lovely poem and a lovely little girl that I know is still with you.