Monday, 8 August 2011

Getting old(er) stinks

Yep, getting old stinks! Whilst reaching into my cupboard this morning for the same old 'comfortable' and easy to put on trousers and top I happened to catch sight of a hanger with skirts on, next to that was another with a rather pretty dress on it and I sighed rather heavily. Ok, for me certain clothes are out of the question as my hands can't manage buttons/zips etc, hubby could help I suppose as he already does certain things I.e doing bra up, putting socks on etc but I can't imagine having to ask him to undo/do up fastenings every time I need the loo.
Anyway I digress, you see it wasn't just the fact that practically they are a no no for me now, it also struck me I was probably too old to wear some of them!
Ok, I can hear some of you shouting 'you should wear whatever you want regardless of age etc' But don't tell me you haven't seen women of 'a certain age' shopping etc and thought to yourself 'my goodness what does she think she looks like' I know I have, and maybe it's having the couldn't care less attitude that means they will continue to wear short shorts, low cut tops etc and good luck to them but I couldn't carry it off.

So feeling a bit grumpy I took myself down to the kitchen, oh blast I had forgotten to bring down my tea cup so back I went, I stood in the bedroom scratching my head, what had I come back for?
My eyes alighted on Trevors attempt to make the bed, bless him, he pulls the quilt over and straightens the pillows, the sheet underneath never gets straightened but I'm used to that now and don't comment as he is trying, but this morning the quilt was still rumpled too so as best as I was able I tugged it into some semblance of order and back to the kitchen I went.....yes, minus the cup!
I might add it took me 3 more trips before that cup actually made it to the kitchen.

I find myself doing such stupid things, yesterday I threw the plate in the bin and put the burnt bit of toast in the dishwasher! What's that all about?
I often find the strangest things in the fridge! Unless Trevor is on a mission to send me loopy I must have put them in there. The oddest recently has to have been his mobile phone, only found by tracing the ringing to the fridge, how very strange!
Even the cat watches me warily since I accidentally shut him in the bathroom minutes after making a fuss of him in there, he must have wondered how I could have forgotten he was there so quickly.

Words fail really I mean it, words won't come to me, I know I know them, I know what I want to say but no matter how much I search my brain I can not locate the word I want and often have to settle for one I am much less happy with.
This is not good for someone who enjoys writing and word games etc....
And how about this getting half way through a sentence and forgetting what you are talking about? My mind goes a total and complete blank and I am left staring into space like some brainless moron or trying to swiftly cover myself by changing the subject quickly and hoping no one has noticed.

I also seem to have become quite indecisive, when asked a simple question such as what do you want for lunch/dinner my usual answer is 'I don't know' whereby whoever is feeding me will give me options, silly move because then I have to choose and I am a woman and change my mind frequently.
I have to admit that sometimes I do this deliberately as I get a certain enjoyment out of winding people up at times, well I have to find my entertainment where I can so don't judge me too harshly.

I used to write lists/reminders but could never remember where I had left them, thank goodness for the iPhone as everything now goes on there, the first reminder apps I tried sent you a reminder alarm when you needed to do something but I found that useless because by the time the alarm sounded I had forgotten what I had set it to remind me not to forget, so now I have one that actually tells me what I need to remember.
Speaking of which I have just been reminded I am supposed to be elsewhere now!

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Maggie Jones said...

It's good to be able to have a chuckle about the things that suck! I identify so much with the things you say and can become like a resentful teenager about having to develop adaptive strategies because of becoming increasing decrepit :0(
Like you, I say, 'Thank heavens for i-phone apps'...if I can remember where I've put the phone!!

Anonymous said...

That gave me a giggle, Penny, thanks :o) Except for the fastenings problem, I identify with them all even though I don't consider myself to be old yet at 35- the joys of M.E. ;o)

I was surprised but amused though, at you winding people up with your mind changing! You bad girl! ;o) lol x

tinysuz said...

Oh Penny, just brilliant. Really made me chuckle as I am also guilty of doing those or rather forgetting to do some of those things. Can relate to the cup incident but have not got a ca't to shut in the bathroom, probably a good thing lol

woodpecker said...

A wonderful post Penny and I can confirm you are not alone in some of the delights (not) of growing old.
I confess to being a list maker, my memory is terrible.
What was I going to say next? oh damn I can't remember.

ronniemcdiarmid said...

Another great blog Penny :-) x