Saturday, 16 July 2011

Whose chair is it? In pictures.

For a change I thought I would do a quick blog in pictures, so here goes, this is the story of my new chair and a cat who thinks everything is done for his benefit-
Penny's new chair is delivered and put together by helpful daughter

Do you know what it is yet?

I'm sure this bit goes here!

Finished product.....there you go mum, just for you.

Bobcat finds MY chair and starts to stamp his ownership-

I'll just sit here and pretend I'm not really interested

Yep, I can spread out a bit, got one foot off, now for the other one!

I knew she would move her feet and I would get the whole stool, not quite as comfortable as the chair looks though

Is she going to move?

Quick hop from stool to chair! Well you moved!

Whose chair is it?

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Anonymous said...

That chair looks far too indulgent. A straightbacked quaker style chair would suit you better!

Anonymous said...

That chair looks fab,- and the cat too! :)

debakamurpthesurf said...

Now you should know better. In their feline world, everything and everyone is done on their behalf. I have two kitties that look identical to yours. Moomee and Mango, females of the same liking :-) We live with them and they give us the permission to say so.

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

You chair certainly does look comfy. And what is it with ginger cats looking so HUGE? Your kitty looks just like my C.K. Adorable!