Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Life (but not as we know it) under the Condems

I haven't written a blog for a while, really haven't had much to say but every so often a blog cries out to write itself, it's my expression of what's inside me, my outlet perhaps or just me rambling on.
Whatever it is this is my latest offering....
I got to thinking what my life is like under this government, was it better/worse than before?
Did I serve myself a 'self fulfilling prophecy' due to my memories of the last time the Conservatives were in government?
I admit I dreaded the Conservatives getting into power, I do have a long memory and my family did suffer at their hands last time in the early 1990s, having been encouraged to buy our house and work our way to better things we were hit by the last recession.
Hubby is/was a builder, a tradesman who was good at his job and constantly in demand as his reputation was excellent.
I worked my way up through the caring profession studying and attending college/university at the same time to qualify as a Dr of Psychology and a counsellor. 
We had/have 3 daughters who were at the time still going through education.
And then 'bang'!!!!
The building trade was as ever the first to fall......with his work went our home, our security and yes I admit it for a while my sanity wobbled on the very edge.
I refuse to dwell on that time now as of course we did overcome it, we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves off and started again from scratch.
We got a council home........this is the first thing being denied to people now under this government and the fact we are having to pay for a second bedroom is putting a strain on our finances.
I didn't fall Into the depressive abyss thanks to our brilliant family GP.........this is the second thing being denied to people now under this government, the healthcare just isn't there anymore. I can attest to this as I have tried in vain to see my GP for the last 3 weeks and have a further 3 weeks to wait until an available appointment.
We continued to work both of us and continued to build a comfortable home around us for a good few years although we never could get back to where we had been we were happy with what we had.
I was diagnosed with my medical conditions back in the 80s and although I had to keep adapting what I did and how I did it I continued to work until 4 years ago when the condition had progressed to such an extent work was an impossible dream for me.
A year after I stopped my husband became my full time carer and our lives took another turn.
During the previous recession and the fall of the building trade my husband had to claim benefits for a short time, they aren't great obviously but the DWP and job centre staff were helpful and although we thought 6 weeks was a long time to have to wait for it to be sorted out we didn't realise then how very lucky we were.
We got the benefits we needed and were entitled too......this is the third thing being denied to people now under this government. There is no longer a safety net for those unfortunate enough to lose their job or become sick/disabled. 
We now have to jump through hoops, satisfy ATOS and DWP that we truly are sick/disabled for a meagre amount that it is impossible to live on, you can just about survive if you go without things others may take for granted.
If you are lucky you will only get pointed at in the street and not actually verbally or physically abused for being sick/disabled, you will be labelled a scrounger, skiver, burden and all the other hateful rhetoric this government have been using to attempt to justify their evil policies.
My life has changed to such a huge extent from then to now that I no longer recognise the life I lived or the person that I was back then.
Such huge losses occurred back then the last time the Conservatives governed us I prayed that they would never ever be put in a position where they could harm me or others again, once was more than enough!
This time they have tried to take my home (bedroom tax)
This time they have tried to take my benefits (ATOS & DWP)
This time they have tried to take my health (ATOS and NHS)
They HAVE taken my standard of living
They HAVE taken my sense of security
They HAVE taken so much from me but they will NEVER take my pride in myself and my family for who we are and what we have achieved.
They will NEVER take my belief in what is right and wrong
They will NEVER take my care and love for my fellow human beings 
And they will NEVER destroy me..........how about you?

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Mary Ellen said...

So beautifully said Penny. The same can be said for life here in the state s as well. Obama hasn't been the Man he portrayed himself to be and I don't see the next 4~8 yrs getting better.