Monday, 1 April 2013

Blue eyes v brown eyes

I never ever thought that one day I would have to justify my existence,
to the authorities and to the public at large but this is now happening.
For the last couple of years I have had to go into minute detail about my medical condition to enable me to receive the social security that I believed was my right when I became too disabled to continue to work.
I had to prove time and time again that I was unable to work, that I was unable to be left on my own for too long and more recently that I am not able to sleep in the same bedroom as my husband/carer.
I found that Penny the Dr of Psychology,
Penny the outgoing friendly person,
Penny the welcomed part of society was disappearing before my eyes,
I was becoming a non person, a figure in the benefits war, a scrounger, a skiver, scum and a faker.
This didn't happen over night and at first I resisted it, the labels they were trying to stick on me, the sense of worthlessness they tried to convince me I should feel, the shame I read directed at me in most newspapers and on most media channels.
But gradually you get worn down, I waited for my fellow man to come to my rescue,
I waited for the public to ask what was going,on, why were we being persecuted?
We tried to tell others what was happening but we were called scare mongers, people who wanted something for nothing.
The pointing fingers said ' we can't afford you'
You're worthless, a strain on this countries dwindling finances

I can understand why the greedy conscious less self serving government are doing this to me what I don't understand is why the public at large continue to turn their heads away.
Is it simply that they have bought the lies, the false figures, the hate levelled at us?
How do they see us?
Who do they think we are?
Can a government be that powerful they can dictate how society thinks?

The answer is yes!
And here is why.....
Whilst in training for my Doctorate I studied the classroom experiment
Blue eyes v brown eyes carried out by Jane Elliott.
For those of you not aware of this it was a primary school teacher who one day made the brown eyed children in her class wear white collars and told the blue eyed children that they were superior to the brown eyed children.
The blue eyed children got special privileges etc etc and here is the interesting part, initially the brown eyed children questioned this treatment but after not too long a time they accepted that what their teacher was telling them was true and they acted accordingly.
The teacher proved very successfully that it is possible to brainwash these children, one half to believing they were superior and the other half into believing they deserved the treatment they were getting because of the colour of their eyes.

Is this not happening now on a grand scale?
If you are dependant on the state, if you are on benefits, if you are disabled you have brown eyes whilst the government through their lies have convinced the rest of the public they are superior and have blue eyes.

I have one last word to say on this...
The following day the class structure was reversed and the brown eyed children became the superior race......


Penny Mead said...
A class decided, Jane Elliott's experiment can be viewed here.

Jane said...

What a superb blog post, and how chilling to read just how easily the children were 'brainwashed' into accepting their 'position. It is most definitely being mirrored in this country with respect to those on benefits and those who aren't. Or as the Govt labels our society the strivers and the shirkers. To label everybody who has had to turn to the state for help when their health has failed them or they have fallen on hard times in this way is indefensible. But it happens on a daily basis.

I recently went through the transition from IB to ESA as you know and I found it degrading to have to go into graphic detail about aspects of my life that 'normal' people would be shocked to even be asked about. Why should I have to describe the process involved in me being helped to use a commode for example? It was hell to write and caused a flare in my condition because I had a very short deadline to meet when doing even the slightest thing results in serious payback. To try and put across the hell that it is to have a chronic disease on a form that doesn't lend itself to the task at all.

I fear for the future, and we can only hope that the general public 'wake up and smell the coffee' sooner rather than later. Caring society? Not under this Government that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Its truly scary what is happening in this country at the moment.
The propaganda has been relentless and a lot of people have been taken in by it.
Time and again government ministers have been caught out in mis-representation of facts and indeed downright lies.
I'm afraid that the only thing that will bring about change is when people or their families are directly affected by these policies.
I think a tipping point is not far off and hopefully people will regain their sense of empathy and fairness.
In the meantime just hang on in there and eventually common decency will prevail.