Monday, 19 November 2012

Politics, politicians & poison

Labour, Conservative, Liberal-democrat, UKIP, the Green Party, the socialist party.
I belong to none of the above, I have no real understanding of any of the above, I have said time and time again I am NOT political.
I do not understand the political game,
I DO understand right and wrong.

Politicians talk on all subjects, make decisions on all subjects,
I do NOT talk about things I have no knowledge of.
Politicians make those decisions based on finances, not for the benefit of the many but for the benefit of the few,
I make MY decisions based on right and wrong.
My perception of what's right or what's wrong? Well yes as I have no other experiences to draw from.

Politicians appear to be passionate about what they are doing.
I AM passionate about what I see, hear, feel happening to me and mine and those around me.
Politicians speak in riddles, don't answer with straightforward answers, twist figures and reports etc to 'fit' their aims.
I speak as I find, I WILL tell it as it is if the evidence is there, I WILL tell what I see happening, I WILL ask for answers and keep asking until the actual question gets answered.

I am mindful of the fact that behind the political front is a human being, a person who also goes home at the end of the day and I attempt to keep the personal from the political as much as possible.
But I have a problem understanding how a human being can see, be told of, read about what the party they supports policies are doing to me, mine, those around me, sick and vulnerable people and go home and live with their conscience.

It is a very emotive subject and keeping a level outlook is difficult if you read daily what people are suffering, if you take note of the rising count of deaths being caused by policies being made and changed by the politicians who appear at times to be answerable to no one.
I myself have taken a step back several times when it got too emotionally charged for me, when I felt so distressed I knew my sanity was at risk.
I have seen several very high profile activists collapse under the weight of their emotions feeding Into their already poor health and it makes me scared,
Scared for them, scared for me, scared for society that this is how it has become.

Why am I writing this? Because I wrote the poem below several days ago and felt it could do with some background, an explanation of how it entered my mind and why.
It is directed at no one person but is directed at the policies and policy makers that are destroying my faith in what I always believed was a humane society.

It's all over bar the shouting

It's all over bar the shouting
Reason has left the room
The loudest of voices echo
Bringing forth feelings of doom

It's all over bar the shouting
The quiet and timid are slain
No ears were proffered for listening
They felt not obliged to explain

It's all over bar the shouting
You can't force a fool to see
That single lightbulb moment
Was starved of electricity

It's all over bar the shouting
The painted on words have run dry
Unread by the mighty above us
Their vision fixed firmly on high

It's all over bar the shouting
The lies lie encased in deceit
The frivolous web is entrapment
Decency lies at its feet

It's all over bar the shouting
Swirling mists of despair drawing in
Humanity cloaked in a vile new season
It's you against me against them!

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Anonymous said...

how can someone with such terrible hands write so much in her blogs? page after page yet such pain, I don't understand...

Penny Mead said...

Because I have an app that I talk to and it writes it down for me.