Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's a sad world (isn't it?)

It is and there is no denying it, every day brings more doom and gloom and news that makes you gasp in disbelief or just shake your head 'how can fellow human beings do these things to each other or stand by and watch as these things are done to others?' Is a question I am constantly asking.
You could be forgiven for thinking that I am about to unfold yet another diatribe about the state of my life, my health or my well being but you would on this occasion be wrong.
I have the need to write a more positive blog for some reason, don't ask me why, nothing has changed really and even I can't work out how my brain works at times so you have no chance.
Like many who suffer with long term chronic conditions I have the usual ups and downs in my health and in my emotions so some days it's really not advisable to ask how I am doing unless you want the full weight of the worlds woes on your shoulders, and then other days you will be greeted with a cheery 'good morning' and my sense of humour will be evident for the day as I annoy everyone who comes Into contact with me.
Don't you just hate those people that seem to be able to put a positive spin on everything?
I have to attend hospital twice a week for the next 10+ weeks to try out a therapy on my skin taking a morning or an afternoon out of my week twice a week!
Positive spin......oh lovely, you're getting out twice a week.
Ok so I freely admit it, I am actually a very negative person, I can find the worst possible angle to anything and even when I am proved wrong or the end of the world doesn't happen I don't let it cheer me up and I certainly don't learn from it, I just decide that it means the world will end in a different way at a different time!
By the way I am still waiting for the end of the world, it's just around the corner somewhere you know.
But anyway while we wait I don't see any harm in having a few good days, a few days where we turn our heads away from all the hassle,stress and awfulness that's going on around us and allow ourselves to laugh a bit, smile a lot and act stupid for a while, even the blackest night turns into daylight when the sun rises and if your sun doesn't rise one morning there's always the torch ( if you have remembered to buy the batteries that I have forgotten for the last two weeks) see? Negativity is just so natural to me!
Yes I agree with you, this is a pointless blog about nothing in particular but it is MY blog to do with as I wish so if you don't like it don't read it.....ooops too late, you already have.

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Jane said...

Penny's pointless points today then I see ;-)
I'm really cynical about everything. Is that the same as being negative, a variation of the theme or something completely different? Informed negativity or maybe uninformed lol.

The thought of having to go the hospital twice a week for a morning or afternoon sounds like my most nightmare. I certainly don't envy you. Fingers crossed the outcome is positive (see what I did there, a positive spin) and you get some benefit.