Thursday, 2 August 2012


Well I just don't know what to say,
On the one hand we have the Olympics and all the pomp and ceremony this country does so well and on the other hand we have this government knifing it's people in the back again and again.
Talk about being on a roller coaster,
Yesterday we got our first gold medal and they kept coming too,
Yesterday a very good friend of mine got turned down for DLA at appeal, this lovely lady is undoubtably disabled, genuine and although she has been this way for 16 years she has never claimed anything, instead her family have struggled on with just one income, her husbands.
She is entitled to some help from the state but this cold new way of looking at claimants, any claimants has left her feeling humiliated, broken and not believed.
Today the gold medals continued and pride swelled for our country,
Today the DWP announced that ATOS had been paid £400million to do the assessments for DLA to PIP that are starting in 2013 .
Hang on that can't be right,
Don't ATOS and DWP get one in every six assessments of ESA overturned at appeal? Yes that's one in six wrong......
Are those appeals not costing the tax payer an extra £50million?
Did any of you watch the dispatches programme on Monday? Or Panorama also on Monday?
We're you shocked by the ATOS workers? Their rules and the way they dealt with what they knew was a cruel and unjust system?
We're you sickened by the deaths that have occurred due to their decisions?
Do you still believe that Ian Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling et al are doing this for our own good?
I'm afraid I left cloud cuckoo land as soon as it became apparent that the whole thing was and is motivated by greed.
Would you seriously give another large contract to this company? Doing the same or very similar as they have been doing BADLY for the past three years?
Well yes you would if your sole intention was to get as many sick/disabled people off benefits in any way possible.
If you were driven by money and not concern for your fellow human beings, then yes ATOS are the perfect company to award this contract to.
God help us all and if like me you no longer are sure there is a god then pray to whoever you can because my friends we need it.......
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