Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A happy little update

Here is a happy little update for you all, I am in the support group for ESA and my benefits have been reinstated.
We won't go into the extreme stress this has caused over these past months, the lack of sleep or the mood swings from hopeful to devastated,
And we won't talk about the fact that this need not have happened at all if they had listened to their own doctor nearly 3 years ago and placed me in the right group to begin with, or if they hadn't lost the forms or even if they hadn't told so many lies every time they were called eventually even they couldn't recall what they had said.
Yesterday my forms landed on the desk of a senior decision maker who was polite enough to telephone me and tell me he had them and that he would be looking at them and would then ring today and tell me his decision.
True to his word he did just that, unfortunately he phoned this morning when I was out instead of this afternoon when he said he would but can you imagine the smile that spread across my face as I listened to his message? I was being placed in the support group of ESA.
The smile was very quickly followed by tears as the relief that it was over hit me, it was over and at last they had believed my condition was progressive, it was getting worse, I would never return to work unless a miracle occurred in which case I would most certainly inform them.
My benefits they had stopped would be reinstated and although I will never get rich on them they do mean the difference between eating and starving to me so I am more than happy to have them back.
No this shouldn't have happened
No I am not the only one it is happening to
Yes it is causing stress, devastation and deaths
No I will never just sit back and let it continue
Yes I will do all I can to raise awareness of what is happening
But just for today I am allowing myself to relax in the knowledge that I have now been properly assessed and for today my fight is over.
I also can not end this blog without thanking the many many friends and family on and off of twitter that have supported me, encouraged me and quite honestly kept me going through these months. You are super stars each and every one of you.

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Helen "Scotty" King said...

So pleased for you, Penny, and so annoyed for you that you had to go through so much stress to get there. xxx

Angela Allman said...

I`m sorry you`ve had to go through such stress with this but pleased it`s sorted out for you.

feline9 said...

I just want to leave you a huge huge **hug**

sally in norfolk said...

wonderful news and great to hear some good news instead of bad as there is far too much bad news about today :-( x x