Thursday, 12 April 2012

What do we have to do?

What do we have to do to get heard?
We warned you things were getting bad, we warned you people were becoming desperate and we warned you it could affect YOU.
Sick/disabled left with no support, financial, physical, emotional.........
NO that can't happen, we are a civilised country who look after our citizens, we support our vulnerable, help them feel worthwhile and don't treat them as a burden.

We warned you these same sick/disabled vulnerable people would die, some at their own hands through a fear you cant even begin to feel, some whilst fighting for the help they need.
NO that won't happen, we are a civilised country, we care for our people.

We warned you that our NHS was at threat from greedy people and companies, that our 'free for all when needed' was about to be sold from under our noses.
NO that can't happen, it's a great British establishment built by our fathers, trusted and respected.

We warned you that such important services such as our police, nurses and teachers were going to be dramatically reduced in numbers and pushed to the limits.
NO that can't happen, we respect our important services, we know we need them to survive, we need them to be a safe and fair and educated society.

We warned you that our older generation were going to get hit hard by cuts to services they depend on, hikes in prices of things they depend on, changes to their pensions.
NO that can't happen, no one would be so cruel as to make our older generation suffer, we value their contribution to society and their wisdom.

Are you still in denial?
Do you still see things through your rose tinted specs?
Do you truly believe it will all come right?
Do you still think you are somehow protected?
Well do you?

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feline9 said...

WOW that is so true and so powerful!! You should send that into a newspaper.Also so bloody depressing, because it is so true....