Thursday, 2 February 2012

Anger today. #spartacus

So they did it, they went against all the evidence, all the dissent, all the genuine concern and even the Lords wishes. This unelected excuse for a Government showed its arrogance and total disregard for us all yesterday and pushed through the welfare reform bill.
Lives are going to change, not for the better but for the worse, in some cases much much worse. We are already hearing about sick/ disabled people being declared fit for work in the most unbelievable circumstances and sadly there have already been 38 suicides related to the benefits farce.
Mps spouted the most onerous reasons for pushing this bill through, one suggested sickness/disability was a lifestyle choice? That met with scathing retorts from twitter and rightly so, no one chooses to be sick/disabled.
Last night I had to come off twitter, I found myself too distressed to continue reading the comments etc on there, disbelieving that human beings could drive a bulldozer through vulnerable members of society in such a way, because no matter how you attempt to portray us or turn public opinion against us that's what we are, members of the same society you live in.
This morning anger has taken the place of my distress, an anger so real and so virulent I am almost scared to say/write what I think today.
So I will leave you with this
I may be disabled but I am still a human being with the right to have a reasonable lifestyle, with a right to be believed, with a right to be heard.
I may be disabled but I have one thing this Government will never have.....compassion for my fellow men.
No matter what my personal situation is or how it changes or how hard life becomes I will always be a better person than the poor excuses for human beings that are trying to destroy us and the tide WILL turn, believe me the truth will out and the tide will turn.

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feline9 said...

Bastards, what else is there to say