Thursday, 19 January 2012

What a week that was!

Life has been such a roller coaster of ups and downs recently, unfortunately there have been many more downs than ups for me so while things are on an up I thought I would blog about it.

Monday my cousin drove over two hours to spend the day with me, we laughed, we talked and talked, we went out for lunch and we enjoyed spending the time together.
We have always been so close and I swear she has some kind of sixth sense with me as she always seems to ring, or in this instance turn up when I have hit a low patch, the bond is so strong we just know when one needs the other. It had the required affect and by the time she left on Monday evening the smile was on my face to stay for the rest of the week.

Tuesday a good friend came for lunch and we also had a day of laughs and much chatting, she provided lunch and as always it was superb. I am not always able to socialise in person as getting out and about can be problematic so a proper chin wag face to face with a friend is a real tonic.

On Wednesday I did 'town with mum'
Now those of you that know me know this is a usual Tuesday jaunt and that I continue to put myself through the, what is becoming a difficult trip for me, every week as it is so important to my mum. This week I thoroughly enjoyed it, why so much better? I can only conclude because I was feeling better. This is the impact pain has on you, enjoyable things or things you once found enjoyable become much less so and actually can become a chore when you put pain into the mix.

The steroid injection I was given last Tuesday seems to be working and I am facing the days with a bit more energy and a lot less pain than normal.
It was two years ago I last had a steroid injection and I remember the 'good days' as we were on holiday when it kicked in that time.
Unfortunately it only lasted for two weeks last time so I am very aware of the fact that this easing of symptoms may not be very long lived.

It is sad that it has taken this period of relief from pain to show me just how badly the constant pain I normally live under affects my emotional well being.
Two of my children have stated these past few days I seem less stressed and somehow happier and it is directly related to being in less pain.
Pain can take the shine off of your day, make everything seem so much harder and limit what you are able to do to such an extent that life itself can seem worthless at times.
If this sounds dramatic to you I can only say imagine living with a headache that never goes, that is there no matter what you do and then tell me you wouldn't get disheartened, down or feel a bit sorry for yourself at times.

Anyway enough of the negative, this blog is positive.
I am doing the things this week I don't usually get the opportunity to do, it's very rewarding to look around at a bedroom that you and your daughter have just finished sorting out. Where does all that stuff come from? There were things on the top of my wardrobes I hadn't seen for years. I don't know about you but I love going through old work bags and finding the things that I was working on or that were important to me then, or opening a box and finding something I had lovingly packed away several years ago and forgotten all about.
We dragged suitcases and boxes out from under the bed covered in dust and chased the puppy round the room with odd bits in her mouth she had picked up as more 'junk' came out from the dark recesses.
Mostly I watched my daughter doing the climbing to reach the wardrobes and crawling to get under the bed as although I am feeling quite good I would never have managed that and I am very aware that during any respite period my nature is to push myself to the limit as I try desperately to make the most of the time before I am unable to do these things again.

So here I sit, nearly at the end of another good day, happy, satisfied with what we have done and nicely tired and I am thinking to myself 'what can I plan for tomorrow?'
or maybe I shouldn't plan as I really don't know when this will suddenly change again, maybe I should just go with it and be thankful for this respite and good mood whilst I have it. What say you?

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Fiona said...

Hi penny

SO HAPPY TO HEAR your getting some well deserved relief enjoy it while u can hugs x


feline9 said...

So good to hear you had such a great time, that and the lessening of pain does wanders xxxx

I try to only plan a little, so if I am to be disappointed it wont be too much, but leave the time open for 'possibilities'

Rositta said...

Enjoy feeling good, don't jinx yourself. When I read your posts we could be describing my life. I get cortisone shots about every four month and they last around two months. My Rheuma doc is looking into getting one in
my spine. She is trying to find an anesthesiologist to do it. Hopefully soon. Take care of yourself and don't overdo...ciao