Sunday, 19 June 2011

Oops I've done it again

You have all done it ladies I know you have, that dress that you 'just' bought that you told your partner you've had ages and simply not worn yet! or that new handbag you just had to have even though the one you have been using has nothing wrong with it and you tell your partner that it's just too small or too big now and you absolutely needed this new one. Or the item that you leave lying around knowing that he simply won't notice it for a while so that you can say in all honesty when he does notice it 'what? that has been there for ages'.
I have been guilty of using all of these tricks over the years, another favourite of mine was rounding down the price of anything I bought, so if it was £15.99 I would tell him it had cost me £15 and of course EVERYTHING was always in a sale! They say honesty is the best policy but I'm not adverse to bending the truth slightly if it suits me and quite like the saying 'what they don't know won't hurt them' this has stood me in good stead for many years and has saved many petty squabbles I'm sure . However, as I became more disabled the situation changed , I no longer earn my own money, nor am I able to get out and wander around the shops finding the 'sale' items. I can still shop online and have done, but as my husband is my carer and therefore here 99% of the time I can hardly hide the fact that I am waiting on the postman.
So I have to own up when I have ordered something, mind you I do still order first and own up later!
Due to the financial restrictions of being on benefits I am now more aware of what I buy and the frivolous spending has obviously stopped although I am still known to slip the 'odd' item in there now and then. Any way here is the point, if indeed there is any point to my blogs and I like to think there is. I have done it again, ordered something, something I have yet to tell my husband about. Not a dress I can bring out of the wardrobe in a few weeks, not a bag that I can swear was half the price that it should have been, not an item that I can leave laying around that he won't notice, Oh no, this time I have really done it, I have ordered an iPad. Yes an IPad, oh I can justify the purchase, I have hands that can no longer use the laptop, I'm finding it hard to hold the phone for any length of time and the small screen is giving me headaches, and we are selling his car as I can no longer drive so we will have the money. So why am I feeling so guilty and so far unable to tell him what I've done ? Is it because of all this talk that is around at the moment about disabled people and people on benefits not deserving to have such things? Do I really need to use the Internet, to talk to people on twitter, to write these blogs ? To continue to be able to do these things I require the iPad and I have until the end of the month to convince both myself and my husband of that right.

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ronniemcdiarmid said...

Hi Penny, another well written blog, do hope that you enjoy using your iPad when you get it, keep up the good work, wish I had your resolve :-) R x

dizzylore62 said...

Yes, Penny, you deserve it! Being disabled limits us in so many ways. Quite often we can't get out like we did when we worked. The World Wide Web is our source of social interaction. It keeps our minds from becoming stagnant. Oh sure, we have books and television, but if we talk to either one we'd get locked up! We are disabled, and we aren't able to work any more, but aren't we still members of society? Capable of sharing our opinions?
Thank you for blogging, Penny. If it wasn't for the internet, I wouldn't know you, and I'm glad to know you. :^)

Kelly said...

Well done. Honesty is best policy of course; and you do need it. ;)

Stotty said...

love it, made me chuckle. x