Thursday, 2 June 2011

An ode to slimming

If only I wasn't so fond of the sweets
And could eat more apples and pears,
If only I could refuse ALL eats
And run 20 times up the stairs,
If only chocolate had an awful taste
And lemon juice tasted divine,
Maybe then the inches would stay off my waist
And slimming not be such an uphill climb,
If only my tum would take note of my brain
And listen when it was told,
If only all foods were fat free the same
Or slimming food only were sold,
If I could just lose the inches I wished
Have a figure worth talking about,
If only I could leave food in the dish
And not have to take it out,
If only, if only, oh how I do pray
And who knows, maybe sometime
I may look in the mirror one fine day
And the gorgeous figure I see will be MINE.

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Anonymous said...

Love this cuz. It is sooooo true!

Anonymous said...

Haha Brilliant!! Só many of us can relate to this ode! Well done Penny my clever friend xx