Saturday, 28 May 2011

Strange time 5am

I have decided 5am is a 'non-time' no one really wants to be awake at this hour and so consequently if you are you feel very alone.
It has been a rough night anyway, not helped by my 'frame of mind' as yesterday ended. Hubby loves a game of golf and goes quite regularly with his 'golfing buddies' , although I am disabled and rely on him quite heavily now we have tried very hard not to let that affect his hobby so off he trundles normally once a month, occasionally a bit more. I have no problem with that and I muddled through my day alone as best as I could. My problem started when golf didn't end on the golf course but continued in the clubhouse for a good few hours! Oh he wasn't ridiculously late getting in but he was so drunk as to render himself totally useless to man or beast and promptly passed out on our bed. I then spent the rest of the evening alone, and yes stewing! No way was I getting in bed with him so being stroppy and bloody minded I climbed into the single spare bed in the spare room and tried to settle. This was obviously a novelty to Bobcat, our large rather naughty ginger Tom who after walking all over me exploring a room whose door is normally closed decided chasing my feet was a good idea. He followed this little game up with laying on my head and purring loudly. I worked my way around this to get comfortable enough to enter a disturbed fitful sleep until woken a couple of hours later by him again climbing all over me. This time he had decided he wanted an early breakfast, it was 2am! We always leave cat biscuits down overnight for him but no, he wanted a pouch of cat food.
With Bobcat munching happily away I returned to my solitary bed where again it took ages for me to settle. Well it felt like 5 minutes before I was again woken by the cat jumping on and off me and meowing loud enough to wake the neighbours although not apparently hubby who slept on. I tried to ignore him this time, he ran about in the hall a bit, back to me, across the tops of the bedroom furniture in my proper bedroom where hubby snored and back to me again. I finally gave in when I heard the living room door open, I don't know how he opened it and he's not allowed in there at night so up I got to get him out. He led me back to the kitchen where he hung around his empty food bowl hopefully, I did give in and feed him again, well he had made it pretty obvious he wasn't going to be ignored.
He is asleep now on my side of the bed next to an equally peaceful hubby.
And me? Well I'm sitting in the spare bed, in the spare room thinking ' strange time 5am' isn't it?


John said...

Hello Penny. This is my second attempt so hope it works. I was just saying how splendid it is to be able to read your thoughts at a more leisurely pace than in 140 character chunks. Looking forward to it. OK, here goes. I will now bugger it up by clicking the wrong things again. :0)

miss b said...

go girl.... not mum but go cat go