Thursday, 26 May 2011

It's your age dear

How many of you reading this are women of a certain Age? going through or been through the hot flush stage? Or even men who are with women of a certain age?because I know my husband goes through this just as much as I do.
I'm bringing this up because this is the fourth year that I have suffered with these so-called hot flashes. However I saw my doctor this morning and after many many complaints about this it seems I've finally been taken seriously, although that's not necessarily good news for me or my husband because it appears my problems with overheating may well be connected to my medical condition.This means more of the same whilst we try different things to bring it under control, so as I'm going to continue being a pain to my family and friends I thought I would share with you all some of the experiences They have had to put up with.
Bed Time is always good fun so let's start there, our little window is always open anyway because it's the cats access in and out of the house, this suits me but unfortunately my husband sleeps over the side of the bed closest to the window, this means that he can be shivering, wrapped up to his ears, but he's blocking some of the air from getting to my side so I get hotter and hotter and hotter! This results in me lying on top of the duvet most nights. Being the perfect wife I'm very conscious of not making him cold just because I'm getting hot and so the cover gets tucked down tightly behind his back with me lying on top of it, this isn't a problem until he tries to move or turnover in the night and finds himself pinned to the bed not only by his cover but by my share of it too and my body holding it tightly in place behind him! Now add to that mix a cat who thinks it's his rightful place to share our bed every night.He starts by trying to lay on my legs which I then fidget about until he moves, he will then try my body or my arm and shoulder, after just a few minutes it feels like I'm wearing a fur coat in bed and again he gets pushed off, at this point he moves on to my husband's legs where he stretches himself out and falls into a deep sleep, now my poor husband is pinned to the bed by the covers that I've thrown over his side, by me lying at his back and by the cat laying on his legs and I'm still flailing around complaining about the heat! Strangely enough he seems to have adapted to this method of sleeping and doesn't suffer too much from disturbed nights, just goes to show what we can get used to. Lol
Now let's take a look at another activity that becomes a nightmare if you overheat like I tend to do, shopping. Last week my daughter asked me to go to Matalan with her to get a couple of tops, no problem I thought, one shop, not much walking and I could lean on the babies pushchair. We had been in the store for about 10 min my daughter had picked up about half a dozen tops that she wished to try on and we headed towards the changing rooms, well there was such a look of panic on the changing room assistants face when she was faced with a woman dripping from head to toe leaning heavily on the babies pushchair, red faced with the heat rash beginning to bring out the attractive red blotches on my arms that I hurriedly reassured her that I was not about to try on any of her precious clothes in fact I promised I wouldn't even touch them. The baby's cooling baby wipes were indispensable that day.
This has reminded me of another occasion a few weeks back. I had been at the town with my mum and had left her to go and sit outside whilst she finished her shopping in Tesco's. It was a dull overcast kind of day and most of you would have said it was a lot cooler than it had been. People were walking past in cardigans and jackets but I only had on a T-shirt as I went and sat on a bench outside to Cool myself down. It was quite breezy and a little old lady came and sat next to me, she had a coat buttoned up to her neck a hat and I believe thinking back even a scarf, she looked me up and down as she sat next to me and shook her head " I don't know, you youngsters" she said " you're even prepared to freeze to death for the sake of fashion"
Oh if she only knew! Lol

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